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Why Should You Hire a Planner?

It's the morning of your wedding and your enjoying a breakfast with the girls before getting ready. The rental company calls to let you know that their truck broke down. Your tables, chairs, & linens will be late. You have to leave breakfast early to take care of letting all the other vendors know about the delay in today's timeline. All your vendors now have tons of questions for you. You are late getting ready and stressed out. Maybe you've just burdened a friend or family member to take on this stress for you. Since they are not trained professionals, you still end up handling most of the details. Your hair & makeup is rushed and you show up 15 mins late to your own ceremony.

If you had hired a Wedding Planner, they would have gotten the call, not you. They would have handled all the Vendors questions, adjusted the timeline, and kept everything going.... All while you finished your relaxing breakfast with the girls and got ready with time to spare!

Why People Don't Hire a Planner?

Bottom Line - Budget. Most Wedding Planners can take up to 10% of your total budget or more. Average Wedding is $35,000, so thats easily $3,500 on just a planner. You would love to have a professional,  but are not willing to cut your guests list by 30% just so you can afford one. 

What Makes Us Different?

We think everyone deserves to enjoy their Wedding Day, not just those that can afford too! You tell us what you want help with and what you can afford. We design a package for you instead of having you pick from our pre-selected packages. We can to be up to 70% less than our competitors. It doesn't matter if you need a Wedding Planner, a Wedding Consultant, or just a Day of Coordinator, we can customize to save you money!

Wedding Services


Day-Of Coordinating

  • We include the rehearsal the night before at no additional charge
  • We don't do hour restrictions on your day
  • We stay up to date with you while you plan


Partial Planning

  • You customize this "package" to what you want.
  • Tell us what you want help with and what you want do on your own. 
  • We only charge you for what you need, not the entire package you choose.


Full Wedding Planning

We do it all. You just come along for the planning experience & then say "I Do"

Wedding Service "Menu"