Great Vendors = Great Weddings

Done by Storm will work with any Vendor. We do not have a list of approved vendors you need to work with if your one of our clients. However, we do know that finding great vendors can be time consuming and a big hassle. So we have included some Vendors that we know will provide Great Service at Good Prices and the best part is that you do not need to be a client of ours to use our A-List Vendors!

What makes our list different?

Did you know that sites like the knot , wedding wire, and other similar sites will feature vendors just because they paid or have an account with them? It has nothing to do with service. Done by Storm does not accept payment in exchange for advertising. Vendors are only on list because they earned it. They provide great customer service, high quality work, and good prices. We also don't do referral fee's or kickbacks. The only thing we get if you use one of these vendors is just the piece of mind knowing your in good hands. We reach out to these vendors and ask their permission to feature them. They don't get to be put on our A-List just because they pay a fee or want additional advertising. 

Also, there are a lot of freelance and small businesses that don't do pay advertising. They can provide better quality work at lower costs and are more open to customizing their services to fit your needs, but you will never find them on google or wedding sites. They could be the perfect fit for you, but you would never know they exist simply because they don't pay for top ratings or additional advertising spots. 

Feel free to contact these Vendors directly or contact Us. Just because they are not on our A-List yet doesn't mean they are not great vendors. Have you hired or are looking to hire a vendor that is not listed? Contact us and we will be happy to give you our unbiased opinion!

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