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We are helping multiple couples who have been affected by Noah's closing, Federal or State bans, and other Venue related closings. It may take a couple hours to get back to you. However, we are working as quickly as possibly to help all couples relocate, rearrange, cancel, or postpone their wedding. If you do not hear back from us with in 12 hours of submitting your form, please reach out to us again!

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*FREE to those who qualify. Our "Relief Program" is intended for those who find themselves in a situation that is outside of their control. These services are not FREE for those who may be looking help with services listed above and are in a normal planning situation. To ensure all relief funds go to those who are truly in need, Done by Storm Wedding Planning has full right to refuse services. Please contact us for more details.

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We have supplied our Wedding Planners with Company Apple Devices so they can work from the safety of their own homes. Since we can comply with ALL Federal and multiple State orders during all of this, we are still open for business. We must do everything by phone or email though. We will not be doing any person-to-person business such as meetings, Venue tours, or other travel related appointments.

Great Advice from Amazing Vendors!


Have you heard that there's a virus going around that is causing a bit of a stir? I'm not trying to make light of a very serious situation that affects all of us, but I do hope that we all can keep some perspective through these unique and trying times.

Governmental restrictions are changing rapidly, and they affect many venues and sizes of gatherings that are allowed for an indefinite period of time. So how can you navigate some of this?

1. YOU CAN STILL GET MARRIED. So breathe! Your partner still loves you and wants to make that very special connection with you. That's not going to change. What may change is just the how and/or when.

2. DID YOU BUY WEDDING INSURANCE? If you did, good for you! Your wedding insurance may very well help you with covering expenses for relocation, date changing, cancelling, etc.

3. CONTACT YOUR VENDORS/VENUES. Now is the time to talk with them to review your contracts and talk with vendors about whether they are willing to waive change fees, adjust expenses associated with new locations, etc. For many venues defined as bars or restaurants, they may be shut down for a period of time.


a. While a venue may still be open, there may be a ban on gathering sizes, meaning your guest list may need trimming quite a bit.

b. If your venue is closed now, they may be able to reschedule your date for later this year or into next year, depending on their current availability.

c. Consider a small ceremony now with your reception later. There are many benefits to this, including more time to save money for the reception!

5. GATHERING RESTRICTIONS. This is where things can get tough! If the restriction says no gatherings more than 10 people, keep in mind that includes the bride, groom, officiant and 2 witnesses, let alone any caterer, servers, photographer, videographer, musician/DJ, etc.

6. WEDDING LICENSES. Check with the county where you need to go for your wedding license. Is their office open? Are they extending deadlines on licenses already issued?

So what options are left?

A. CONSIDER ELOPING. Smaller ceremonies can be much more intimate, meaningful, and less stressful for starters, let alone more budget-friendly.

B. HAVE A SMALLER WEDDING. You can still get married! Keep the number of attendees within governmental guidelines, and hire a professional videographer to capture your special day to share with others later on!

C. LIVE STREAM!! Technology today has us more connected than ever! Consider live streaming your ceremony so all your guests can witness your ceremony in real time. This is especially good for those who normally wouldn't be able to travel to your ceremony anyway, due to distance, cost or mobility.

D. RESCHEDULE YOUR WEDDING. Many venues and vendors are willing to work with you to change dates. Some have cancellation/rescheduling fees, so please check contracts and talk with them personally about whether they are willing to be more amenable given the circumstances. Do keep in mind that there may be challenges with date availability down the road as next year's brides are also booking in the same time frame now that you are. Flexibility in scheduling may be important. And don't wait! These difficult times may very well lead to many deciding they want to be together always and don't want to wait any longer to begin that journey as well.

If you have any questions, I am available as a resource, not just as an interfaith minister/wedding officiant, but also because I'm connected to many other wedding professionals. I can help you find replacement photographers, videographers, caterers, venues, etc.

Rev. Ronnie Roll